Wilderness Real Estate,   DBA   GLENNIE REAL ESTATE

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GLENNIE Real Estate has been in the center of town, corner of M65(State Road) and Bamfield Road since 1995. History of this building goes back to June 3, 1907 when the building was built by Isaac Solomon as the large store and referred to through the following years as 'The Old White Store'. It was used as a grocery store, then a recreation center, and in 1993 as the ideal location for a real estate office. Geri Moody, current Broker/Owner purchased the building in October, 2004 and currently runs the 'GLENNIE Real Estate office. The team is Mac McCormick (associate broker) Chanda Lafond (associate broker) Paula Moody cole sales agent and is also Geri's daughter, and our new agent, Karrie Smith. The Glennie Real Estate office, in all its operations, will epitomize not only professional real estate knowledge, but a dedication to honesty, integrity and responsiveness to every customer whom we have the privilege of serving. Our customers deserve and will receive, the finest service ever offered by any real estate organization. Born and raised in and around Alcona/Iosco county, our agents are well known and respected for years of dedicated services. Today, Glennie really looks much the same as it did forty years ago. Some of the buildings have had 'face lifts', and new businesses are popping up all over town. Although the town doesn't appear to grow very fast, the pass through tourism has turned into part-time and full time residency. People are drawn here by the same things that make the rest of us stay. a small community, the beauty of nature, the AuSable River and inland lakes, the thousands of acres of Federal land and a place away from the hurry-up world so many of us have lived in. New people and new ideas are important to an old town to keep it fresh and alive. Been established since 1993

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